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wait he shaves

He was pretending he was shaving his “HUGE beard”

Omg wowww!!! Damon you must rep that beard!!!

He’s such an adorable idiot.

My Dork XD <3

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when your teacher assigns homework for the weekend


Stuff That’s Been On My Mind & Deep Feelings :/


theres been thing that have been on my mind…i’ve been thinking of my next move in my life and i still don’t know for sure what i want to do…but i kinda know but i still don’t know if it’s possible yet…or where to start…as my friends and family knows i spend most of my time on the computer i’m either ong or…when my wifi comes on…and i realized…everyone i look at on youtube are either in the same situation i am or have been in that situation…and i love these guys to death…and let me tell you why…1st example is Deefizzy i know…OF COURSE YOU PICK HIM…but let me tell you why…only Fizzy Family Members know why right away…like in a snap…but for those who have no clue who he is…i’m gonna tell you…Damon was a guy who use to stay in his room or in his house all the time because he felt like he wasn’t worth being seen…he also had Anxiety…still does but he has better control of it now…so he had wicked anxiety that someone was after him or like wants to get in his life and betray him…now…he’s outside meeting his Fizzy Family gaining confidence…and he’s doing things he never would of done when he was 19 or 18…and i’m so proud of him but jealous of him at the same time…he’s getting out of that life and i’m still in it and i feel like i’m hopeless but then he says things like”your not alone..”or”i’m here for you”and at first it was helping…but i want to see it instead of words…i want him to be here or me be there him actually showing me that i’m not alone…him actually showing me he’s here for me because…truthfully he’s the only person i want to listen to but my mind shuts it off because it’s not the same hearing it anymore i’ve been hearing it for like 2 years now and i still haven’t made progress…and i know it’s not his fault he only met me what…like once and that was a year ago and..i guess he’s helping a little i’m going to therapy…taking the steps he did to get to the point he is…only i don’t have a million people on my side like he does and i’m a terrible Youtuber so yeah…that’s not going anywhere…but i’m getting totally off topic…so lets get back to what i want to do in my life just don’t know if it’s possible or whatever….i see myself like Damon…i want to help those who feel helpless…i want to go on tours and hang with Damon and all the youtubers i look up to…and meet singers on warped tour and become friends with them…have them come up to me and be like”Hey Aly…i remember you”and i want to wake up feeling better about myself…i want to be active and not be tired…have a heck a lot of fun with my buddies Bryan Stars,Cyr,Damon and Johnnie and all there friends and have a grand ole time…and i have this feeling in my heart eating ate me saying”that’s not gonna happen” because that’s all i hear…from my mom,brother and all the people around me and that i live with and that makes me….really sad…and there’s times i cry at night alone…thinking the same thing that..that won’t happen…and then when i’m not thinking that i sound crazy to everyone around me…and then Damon says”Do what you love and not what everyone is telling you to do” but it’s hard doing that if me doing that effects eveyone around me…it feels like i’m in a hole with voices telling me to do one thing and my heart telling me to do another…i have no clue what to do?i’m stuck…and again i’m getting off topic…GOSH DANG IT!!…sorry..lets continue…i mainly want on here to talk about the amazing people i watch on youtube and then it goes to something dark…i guess since the youtubers i watch have a similar problems like me…i guess it can’t be helped heehee…so yeah back to the topic…next Example isJohnnie Guilbert and i’m jealous of him frankly lolz but it’s not the kind of jealousy that is mean…just…i wish i was him…and here’s why…Johnnie as i recall was a fan of Bryan Stars who is a youtuber who interviews bands like Sleeping With Sirens,The Ready Set,Falling In Reverse, and one of my faves Blood on the Dance Floor…anyway…Johnnie was a fan and Bryan met him and became friends with him and Bryan Took him under his wing and Johnnie and him now do the things i wish i could do with Damon Fizzy and i’m like so Jealous…why can’t Damon Take me under his wing DX *Fake Cries*…but now Johnnie gets the dream i wished i had…so badly you don’t even know…but i’m happy for him at the same time…so i’m not mad he’s chilling with Damon,Cyr and Bryan…funny thing is i think i was facebook friends with Johnnie for awhile before Bryan and him became friends…idk maybe not but it was before Johnnie had his own Youtube channel definitely because i remember seeing the post he wrote on Facebook when he started that channel…OH! and he’s friends with Jordan Sweeto too…so jelly DX….but you know…and Johnnie Guilbert if your reading this…your a really cool guy and i’m down with the Thug Pugs bro XD …and now back to the topic…3rd example and i just recently watched this guy on youtube but he’s a great guy…if Bryan says he’s a great guy he’s a great guy…anyway his band is called CatchingYourClouds real name Drake and i just watch one video and it moved me it was called”a little bit about me” or something like that…and it got me really thinking…like…i want to be like Damon more now because there are people who struggle with insecurities just like i do no matter if there a singer,Youtuber or a vlogger…and everything seems to point that direction like”Aly this is what you want to do…this is what your put on this earth for…”and to also bring up my two best friends because they go to me when they need a friend and they trust me to help them when they need me…makes me want to do this more also because i can be a trustful person…i can go and be comforting…and so this makes me want to do this even more because they proved to me i can be there for someone and that’s why…it’s just…i have no where to start…and one day i will…i have to keep that in my head”I WILL” not “i won’t” and just like my husband according to FB says”Stay Positive” and “Take Control” and “Do What Your Heart Desires”not what everyone wants me to do or i’m never gonna gain the courage…so it will be nice if they will let me think of ways to do my goal…in peace would be nice but you know…family thinks all this is pointless and and care about what brings the money not something that makes me happy so :/

~Aly Fizzy


That Aly Fizzy ^^^ just so you know Damon if you read this <3


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New Feelings(a Damon Fizzy Fan-Fiction)[BoyxBoy]

Alex is new in town when he befriend a youtuber called Damon Fizzy and he was a nice guy and Alex eventually falls for Damon…not sure Damon felt the same he kept it from him…what happens when Damon finds out Alex’s secret crush on him?

"This was a time when i was seriously happy…so thanks for that Damon"~ @AlyFizzy6


why do i lack motivation?
i mean there’s zero motivation
like when i realize that something is wayy to tough for me like…getting a job  
nothing makes me want to
like i said….
but everyone bitches Alicia get a fucking job
i mean whats the point…money?
how am i gonna get money if i don’t do anything in the job…
i mean its like school…
i get up early…
get dressed go to the job…
my whole body is like NOPE..i refuse..i-i-i REFUSE…can’t make me 
get fired 
back to where i started…
how is this gonna solve anything if i have no fucking clue what the FUCK is wrong with me…

go to therapy Alicia!
you have issues
your crazy 
your selfish
your lazy
all things i know i get told that every day by someone in my family i know no that already
give me something to fix this
a pill
a diagnoses

i have no clue what to do with myself…
so i give up

and my idol Deefizzy says never give up…stay positive…you can change this….
but what if i can’t find what my issue is really?

i can blame it on my dad but that should be gone by now…
i can say i’m crazy but then i don’t want to be alone

i’m so tired…
so tired of fighting with everyone and trying to make them understand because they don’t want to hear it…

they think i’m overreacting and being stupid and being lazy

but what happens when something is seriously wrong with me?

i don’t know…

everyone looks at me and thinks i’m just running away…but from what?

no it has to be something so much deeper….

something eating away and no where to be found…

maybe i’m crazy
i don’t like being alone


"There Are Nights When I Dreamed I Was Waking Up To See Your Face But When I Realized It Was A Dream Your Image Just Faded Away" ~Aly Fizzy :(


(A Damon Fizzy Fan-Fiction) Aly and Damon have been friends for awhile now…but Aly kept a dark Secret from Damon…she’s a Demon who makes Contracts so she can take there soul in the end…she never told Damon about her darkness because to him she’s a good girl and if found out she’s bad she’s afraid he will leave her and she will be alone again…Aly Also loves Damon and that’s why she never asked for him to make a contract with her…she wants him to go to heaven if there is one when he dies and not be stuck on earth where he can’t talk to anyone or do anything but walk around for eternity…once someone makes a contract with her there soul never leave earth…just a ghost…when they die….what happens when Damon notices something is up and finds out Aly is a Demon taking souls?

this pic reminds me of Damon’s Cat shirt when we first met XD

Me & Damon Fizzy